Saturday, November 21, 2015

Going with the flow... plus a pat on the back makes it even easier !

The last year has been so awesome... Everything has been moving right along with the shop set up and jobs... I love my craft just as much as I always have and its been rewarding mentally and financially.... well as long as people don't want their parts to be made the next day, as they seem to come to expect more then they should.... But overall its been awesome and the projects have been very fulfilling and meaningful so its easy to let yourself go the extra mile.

There is nothing better feeling that feeling of satisfaction in what you do and then to put the cherry on top, having someone notice it and want to let you know that you doing a good job.

One of these little rewards/pats on the back came in the mail the other day from the Swiss company Optrel Welding Helmets , the makers of in my opinion the best welding helmet I have used in my 10+ years of professional aerospace welding experience. I figured its kinda a neat little to show some of my old Optrel helmets in this post and thank Optrel for noticing me and my love for my craft and making sure my eyes are safe and I am stylized with their super sick helmets. People always ask me why I have so many helmets and a lot has to do with my field of work and traveling so much, it was always easier for me to have a traveling helmet and a shop helmet and over time one or more extra helmets popped up and I would give it to Gabe, Austin or some other helper, I have had a lot of Optrel hemets... heres just some of them main 3
A brand new Optrel e684 helmet .... 
Yeah I am smiling!

heres some of the line up and some stories....

This baby has so many miles.... Helmet #2
Shes been with me a long time...
This is a Optrel Satalite helmet before they went to numbering the models
The sticker on the side is the Good Sam insurance logo but modified to be a Bad Sam 
My MLS logo stickers I designed to fit over the Made in the USA stickers because I was cheap and didn't want to pay someone to make me a fancy sticker.... I just scaled it and made it clear to fit over the top of another USA flag sticker and it worked!

Helmet #2 other side had some sweet cat stickers and the Exploratorium Science museum decals

This is Helmet #3 which has about 1,000 hours on it so far
Its a Optrel 680 , I beat this thing up to no end and travel with it. I have been doing a ton of Flux and heave steel Mig welding so its got some grime on it... 
Who doesn't love Wyoming !!!
Red Bull rampage stickers because I make the decals for the event so hell yeah I am going to put one on!

The otherside of helmet #3 is plain with just my friends flower stickers...
I love flowers... Maybe if I ever leave my shop I will have a garden with some real ones...

Oh man.... 
This baby is Helmet #1 I got maybe in 2005 when Optrel was making the helmets for Lincoln Electric. This baby has seen a good amount of air time on Discovery channel and TLC welding on shows like Biker Build off and so on. 
Awesome story is in 2007 while filming on Discovery, the producers of the show made me put a piece of tape over the Hanna Montana sticker because they didn't want to pay royalies if it appeared in clear shot. Dirty Kings sticker was my buddies band... they broke up ... as all bands do..
My best friend Thick pinstriped up my name because everyone in the shop while filming had the same helmets as a sponsorship deal so if you didn't want sweat from someone else ... you put your name on it... Some of the other decals came later when this helmet became the loner like the flower and the Oakland sticker. 

Looking on helmet #1 other side you see the beloved shovelman sticker, this is a crazy dude that made a crazy amazing sounding guitar out of a scoop shovel... hell yeah I am going to put his sticker on my helmet, who makes a shovel your main instrument. Peter Fonda up top for the win!
Again.... do I need to say it... Wyoming rocks !!! 

Here she is.... the newest and most badass helmet out there...
For you Tig guys its goes way down and for you Mig guys it goes way up....
For you lazy guys... it does it automatically based on the arc intensity! 

Heres the side view of the Optrel e684 welding helmet  .... its badass... I don't think I need to write anymore...

I can't thank Optrel enough for protecting my eyes in style for 10+ years and being a industry leader in the helmets with still enough heart to notice a young dude so stoked about sticking metal together that they feel they need send out their Rolls Royce of helmets just to make him smile even more!


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