Sunday, January 8, 2012

T-Shirt fun raiser..... Hot off the Press and Shipping NOW

Buying T-Shirts is really cool I read on the internet, but what if you were really an Investor in MLS by purchasing a T-shirt, is that a double bonus ?

The other day I was thinking of an idea,

I have been designing this Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race bike and have been thinking of what machines I need in the shop to build this thing. My goal with the frame of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell bike is to be 100% full Titanium sheet metal with 0 ( ZERO ) round tubing.

So heres where you come in....

I have been looking at getting a small DiAcro Press Brake to build the
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike frame and parts.

This is a little 4 foot DiAcro Mechanical Sheet Metal Press Brake
made in good old Minnesota for over 60+ years
cost for one of these 1960's used beauties is about $6,000

So here is my idea with the T-Shirts...

All the profits generated from the T-shirts will go towards getting the machine, with each shirt it will come with a small screen printed silhouette of the machine on the arm sleeve that the profits are going to.

That way when your riding around you might see someone else sportin' a rad MLS shirt, BUT they have a different machine silhouette on the arm sleeve indicating that they helped fund a different machine in the shop then you did.

Thats my little idea to make each shirt a little personalized and custom.

This is the first time that I am trying something like this, who knows if it will work but its worth a try!


If your ordering from overseas extra shipping will be required.

International Order

Just remember the small detail about the shirts - Just like Henry Ford put it best

" You can have it in any color you want as long as its BLACK !

If you are feeling like you just need to help make the shop a learning tool for the next generation of metal crafters and group of 10 year old kids taking my welding class right now ( extra points ), then I am going to put the donate button up for you.

Consider yourself as an Investor in the creative thinking and progression of concepts World Wide!

If you ordered shirts already they are going out this week if they haven't already... Thanks to the early birds that have helped get the project rolling.

                          A true MLS made shirt here in Oakland,CA
                        Printed on an American Apparel USA made shirt !
                                              MLS is a Non-Profit
                       because we burned it all up having fun building stuff !

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