Thursday, May 13, 2010



Everyone keeps asking where I have been and what I have been doing.

For security reasons I can't tell you where I am but I can say that its been an action packed last month.

Long story short-------
          The white dude that was living next door to me for over 2 years at my workshop started to get really weird towards me, more and more over the last 2 months. I didn't really know why, after a bunch of problems and the police showing up. We started to connect the dots and realized it the dude living next door that was causing trouble, he was acting very skitzo and after snapping on my brother and I and breaking my windows in the shop, I called the police.

For some reason all the reports about this dude set off a red flag at the CIA/ FBI and Secret Service and long story short, agents bust this dude next door to me and find machine guns, fake monkey, drugs, and all kinds of very odd paper work that connected him to other groups.

He was booked and bail was set super high in the millions, some how or someone posted his bail and he was back out on the streets in about 10 hours, GREAT, just what everyone wanted!

So I moved out of my shop and packed it all up for safety..........

Now its time for a new story in my life
Stay tuned.................