Monday, August 12, 2013

1938 Schwinn New World

Some times when I look around my shop I see things I love but I feel like if I had to move I would rather not have to move all kinds of unnecessary stuff and sometimes its good to keep the stuff moving thru your shop and the money flowing for the next project.

This time I decided to part with my loved 1938 Schwinn New World... This beast started its life in the West Side of Chicago made in the hand built side of Schwinn where the Paramounts and Superiors were brazed.

Then it was sold to someone in San Francisco in the late 1930s, it spent most of its life in the bay until it somehow ended up back in the midwest in Madison,Wisconsin for most of the 1980s, until I bought it back out to the bay in 2010 back to where it started its riding life . Now its on to its new life back in the Midwest in Nebraska and the story goes on.

Hope he enjoys it.... I know his back won't with those bars I made for it.... But that stand he might be stoked on... 1930s style MLS repair stand ....