Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lucky Lady

The other day I was pressed for time as always in my life and I knew I needed to make something special for my lady for her birthday...

A quick scratch on my head, some Titanium bar and the stop at the coin shop on the drive home proved to be a good choice.

I have always been a big fan of big gauged earrings, better yet if they are worn by a super cute girl with tattoos that loves to ride bike!

 Perfect sign me up, twice!
For the kids out there that don't know what Gauged earrings look like, here it is...

Heres what I made over lunch break ( don't tell her it was that quick )

Her ear hole size is 3/4 (.750 ) of an inch ( a bit bigger then the photo above ) and a Mercury dime has a outside diameter of .702

Then I pressed the dime in to the Titanium rings I made with a tight press, the dime is locked in without the use of glue or anything, so with that being said if you find a cooler dime you can press them out and press in a new dime.

With a big stack of roses and a pair of these 1938 Silver beauties, she is bound to hang out with me for another week!!

" Treat them like GOLD, and they will aways come back" - Casper Tiedeken ( my dad ) 
Thanks Dad you were right

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Come on in....

Once in a while I get someone that rolls in to my shop and wants help building something.....

Once in a while I am so stoked about what they do, I need in on it so I trade my work for work.

In this case my buddy Devin brought this dude Patrick Cheatham to my shop. Patrick is a photographer and you might have run across some of his work across the internet or seen it on TV. He came to me with a need for someway to hold a razor and rotate it 360 deg and make it look like it is floating for a TV commercial. He figured out the computer controlled rotating part using a crazy camera rotating mount, so I just had to make some easy holders for the product using Lexan plastic. When I found out what he did for a living shooting 360 images, I said, this one is on me but you have to come shoot the shop... Time for Time lets trade...

He came and set up a few days later, took a few minutes.... This camera was so cool, it was on a CNC robotic arm doing fully auto shooting!!

360° of Monkey Likes Shiny, by Patrick Cheatham

Figured I would show you my Manual Machine Shop..

These are the photos the camera takes using the crazy fish eye. These are the flat laid out 360 deg photos

After you do all the editing if needed, then you put the photos in the software and it makes it a crazy 3D image where you can look 360 degs around.

Check out the link below!!!

360° of Monkey Likes Shiny, by Patrick Cheatham