Saturday, August 29, 2009

COKER unicycle CONCEPT project Day 1

Here we go kids

I had to take this picture just to show everyone how big a real 36 inch wheel is compaired to a 26 inch mountain bike wheel. Keep following !!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dirty and Loving it

Thanks to Rollers for the quick snap of me while I was testing the Penny, hell it takes more then one beer to test that bike!!

Goldwing to the rescue

Some times in the real world when a Harley breaks down you need to bring it to the shop for repairs, so you should always have a Honda to get it there. Capatin Wiggins came to the rescue this time saving the Dyna.

Kidding, we were just having fun at RSD and wanted to see Chris Wiggin's dad haul the Dyna around on the trailer. He made a few laps around the block with the Harley on the trailer !

Sleeping beside the tree in Peace

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An American Company thats still Kicking ASS - Cane Creek

Well not to long ago I recieved some product from Cane Creek for some projects I am working on. Thanks to Peter and Gary at Cane Creek for helping me out. I met these two gents at a handbuilt show in San Diego, its good to meet the faces behind the product and to see an American company that is still kicking ass and making great products.

I have been running Cane Creek stuff for about 10 years and no complaints yet. I was pumped to be one of the few people to get the crazy WOOD headset that was hand made in NC just down the street from Cane Creek. It only looks better the more its in the sun.
Thanks again for all the help Peter !

1960s Pabst Blue Ribbon Ironhead Dragster

Well this was one of my first Harley bikes that I did solo back when I was living back in Minnesota. The frame and everything I constructed, the rear fender was a old hot rod headlight and so on. The bike was almost done when I got an offer to move to California so in a rush, I slammed it out and loaded in the trailer with all the tools and belongings headed for California. The frame was the first time I had ever used rod ends for drop outs on the rear, kind of a pain in the ass to adjust but the look was great. If only this Ironhead Sportster was as quick as it looked it would have stayed in my garage, it ended up at a rich dude's garage in Hungary, I can just picture this bad boy cruzin the streets of Budapest.

I miss the danger this bike was to ride and how bad ass it was to cruz.

I got some videos I will post some day, but some pictures for today will work.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well after driving over 1500 miles and a lot of meetings, I am back from my trip to Chicago.

With a stop by Drag/Parts Unlimited in Jamesville, Wi , the parking lots around town were full of Horses and Buggies driven by Omish.
Here are some pictures from the trip. I will have more posted soon with pictures of the prizes Brie and I won at the all city race. My camera went dead half way thru the trip :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trackmaster Sportster

Here is a picture of a Sportster I built for a dude ( Adam Stark .com ) just cause he wanted to go fast and look great doing it. This beast has a race tuned Edelbrock XL motor and various PM and RSD prototype parts.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Tesla Turbine from R & D LAB inc.

So I happened to have a problem that needed some tuning, so I did some Googling and a shop called R&D LAB inc. located near Downtown Minneapolis came up. I paided a visit and Peter welcomed me in to his shop. With his many years of experience Peter tuned up my parts with ease and decided to show me some of some of his own personal projects. Well 4 hours, 2 tesla turbines and other crazy parts later I had recieved the tour. Check out these videos.......... Expect to see some crazy tesla turbines appearing on a project soon, these things got me thinking......................

check them out if you need some CNC work done - 612-724-6172 ask for Peter

A express bus to see my lady

Well at first glance the bus parked in a foot of water appeared to be going to Cleveland but Brie your not that lucky, its just going across town to Cleveland Street.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Minneapolis Here I COME !!!!!!!!!

Going Home for the ALL CITY bicycle race, business and for most important thing FUN.

O yea some grain belt as well.................

1935 Schwinn Built Delievery Bike - Chicago Tribune Special

So here is one of my newest pieces to my beloved Schwinn collection - a very RARE - 1935 Schwinn built Chicago Tribune Special.

Said to be a prize for the fastest Tribune delievery kids in Chicago ( old school messenger/delievery race ) - For some reason this is a girls bike, which makes it even more rare as I am told. Here is the Ad for the Schwinn model - Not the Rare Chicago Tribune Special model.

I wish I could find out more.............

Thanks to MOM for scooping this one up at a sale in Minnesota.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The first Harley WE built

The good old days have passed but some of the memories are still around to enjoy........................

A quick lesson from the Sales master Jeffrey Gitomer's book the SALES BIBLE

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coker Unicycle concept project

Here is a quick drawing I did to expain to Mom and Dad what I am building this week.
Tandem unicycle

Thanks Casey & the Crew @ Coker Tires & Unicycles for helping me out on the project.

I am Pumped now I have to wait until Tuesday, thats when the parts show up !

A failed attempt at impressing

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House Call - Nitro Circus | Transworld Motocross

Here is some photos from the filming of MTV's Nitro Circus. It was a few hot days of filming but all went well.

My tall bike is in a few of the photos as well as Rodneys Wheel OF DEATH

Check out the photos --- click on the link !

House Call - Nitro Circus Transworld Motocross

Monday, August 10, 2009

Madness from the Grand Ave.

Well it seems like Rodney likes to give me a hard time about not updating my blog so here it goes..... My door is cracked open I can hear 2 cats fighting out side behind the fence with some crazy techno music playing in the background.
Up on the drawing table for the night and for you kids at home is the Jeff Tiedeken - Design your own bike connect the dots coloring book. This is the first of a series of drawings that will be coming at you for you and the kids to have fun on.

The model of the bicycle is off the Volume Cutter and so now you can connect the dots ( bottom brackets, headtube, dropouts, ect ) and build your own scaled 700c track frame for your fridge or girlfriend. Plus I put on some crazy Easton Carbon TKO track wheels on the drawing to really impress her!

All these crazy drawings are done on Solidworks and come from yours truly at the Skunkworks Complex deep in South Central Los Angeles. Check out the secret photos from the complex!