Thursday, December 31, 2009

done ! ENJOY

Over 1000 feet of Steel
Over 500 Welds
Over 50 yards of fabric
and Miles of stiching

Its done !

Brie finishing up

Streching the end caps to fit

some close up of the fine stiching and work she pulled off

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A new years Twist !

I thought I would shoot some photos of my prototype frame with the single sided wheels.

 Its my downhill speed bike but after getting the frame on the ground we realized that I built it so tough looking that it turned out to be about sized for Brie so I guess shes riding it .....................

Crossmax lefty wheels front and rear

single sided fun

My custom 4130 axle holder

speed racer

Monday, December 28, 2009

100 posts and counting

Here is the handcycle almost done !

The carbon fiber holders need some trim glued on to it and its all ready to go back to its home.

Enjoy !


side view showing the mounts for the carbon

This view shows the hardware holding the carbon
The one bolt allows it to be moved until the ideal place is found

I tig brazed the pieces over the steel welds for style

Top view showing the angles

Finished project - 3 hours total fab time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The handcycle is back for round 2

The hand cycle is back again, ready for some more goodies.

The project has been a creative one from the start...

A "handcycle" is almost always constructed with 3 wheels, because its main rider group are riders with no use of their legs or below waist effects.

 I have been very lucky to work with many riders over the last few years on handcycle projects, from the top racers in the Ironman in Hawaii to just people that want to take a fun ride down the boardwalk.

This project has been very special because the guy wanted to ride 2 wheels and break everyones doubts about riding a 2 wheeled bike by hand. So as I work on the project I like to post all the info I can, for anyone in the future that wants to make a dream a reality.

Check my older posts for more info if you are still scratching your head.......

The project at hand today is to - Design and fabricate an adjustable protestic leg holder on the bicycle.

The holder needs to be adjustable to find the correct fit and because the bicycle folds in the middle to ease in storage or shipping so the holders need to not block the folding action. It will all mount to the bottom bracket and become similar to 2 stems mounted to each side of a bottom brack spindle

I decided to mix it up today for all my homies out there and throw down some carbon fiber for this one!!!

Check It !!

I slid the bike on to the frame table to help my back out.

I took apart a sealed bottom bracket and machined the cups with the existing threads so I could put the mounting post off of it. I put down some classic bronze brazing to attach the threaded cups to the 4130 chromoly tubing post.

OK here is what you were waiting for.
The leg holders with some custom carbon fiber holders and 4130 rolled tubing for style points with the ladies.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Xmas to myself

It sucks when you want to get your self a gift but you have to do the work to make it...

I decided the other day that I need to give myself a gift.

I went thru about 10 ideas -  BMX frame? Mountain Bike ? Road Bike ? Unicycle?

Downhill Speed bicycle + Fun = ER visit

Here is the jorney - its got to be quick and on track because the frame table needs to be open for the next project, a crazy track bike for my buddy Jeff.

If the down hill speed bicycle was a math problem it would look like this

30 % BMX + 50 % mountain bike + 20 % crazy concept =  100 % Fun

The concept project was to follow the lines of a 1969 Schwinn Sting Ray but with 26" mountian bike wheels

What wheels you ask?      Crossmax SLR Lefty wheels  --  One sided wheels for extra fun both Front and REAR !!!

I got so pumped, I had to build faster then the camera could catch it

Late night x-mas workshop

How to you get good welds?
Good prep and joints !

Any good work calls for some good wine

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Light is UP and looking good !!!!!!!!!!!

Its about time that we raise this beast up in to the air.......

Now you get an understanding on the size of it !!

Everyone thought it was just a little light, well now I could get some pictures to show the real size of it.

500+ welds,
1000 ft of steel,
50+ yards of fabric

With only 2 guys it was put up in the air, see building bicycles helps you think of how to make things strong and light, I think?

Side view with a 10 foot lader standing next to it.

I had tig weld the joints and bracing

My helper for the day

The first view when entering
to bad that beam is there

It has taken over a week to lay all the tile
because of the how complex it is ( no straight lines )

I welded up the frame for the bar back filled with mirror all over the place

Monday, December 21, 2009

Soulsticycle Art Show

All went well on Saturday night

Lauren Fagan put on a great art show in Hollywood devoted to cycling and the art from the riders.

I was asked to put some pieces in the show so I put in Brie's track bike and the all most done Beach Cruzer project.

Check out some of the photos.......

good turn out early in the night

Brie made this cool pair of jeans for her track bike, this was the bike I built about a month ago

The beach cruzer on display

Better shot

Wall shot with some pieces

These are disc covers for wheels used in bike polo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Support the Troops and Art

Here was a gift from our comando buddy Art.

It was a test he had to take to qualify to do aerospace work on fighter jets in the Navy.

I use it for a mail box filled to the brim with bills, but if you look at the details in it you will see more.

Check it out, its really cool.

The box covers all the basic tests including Bullet hole patching, internal rips in the material from stress and basic riveting.

Here the wing mail box attached to the wall

This is the outside with a bullet hole repair

This was a internal failure that needed repair

And the details from Art the Armenian

Good job Art!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Over worked

Well, We have been finishing up the light and I started to finish weld it in Hatfields and attach all the hangers for the chain that will hold it. Everyone is excited and ready!

The beach cruzer project arrive from Olympic powdercoating the other day too. Its a crazy green color, I like it. Next stop will be the art show tomorrow in Hollywood. I will have pictures from it, Brie's track bike will be there too on display.

Back from Olympic

Close up of the Surly Drops and custom disc mount

Show dogs and Brie

The final set up and welding. The light needs to be turned counter clock wise so the hexs are on the sides.
I just have it turned on its side so I can weld it. You can start to see all the different levels they are on and the lights in some of them, the ones with the lights have velcro around them as well to hold the fabric covers on.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweat Shop in Downtown LA

That title applies to about every business located downtown LA so to fit the bill we decided to make my shop in to a sweat shop. Brie and I have been slaving over this project. This is one of my bigger projects in scale, I have done on my own.

We have been working 24/7 getting the light ready for Hatfield's ( check my old posts for more project details)

Between the sound of a sewing machine running non stop making fabric covers for the Hexs, you will hear the raw noise of a welder and grinders running building the frame work for the light...........

I havn't had much time to post much but here is some pictures before we get the light up in the air maybe tomorrow at Hatfields. I am excited to get the light out of my shop, its about the height and length of a dump truck. About 20 feet by 14 feet high, but only 6 feet wide. With 11 lights inside, over 50 yards of fabric, over 500 welds, over 100 yards of Velcro, 1000 feet of steel and A LOT OF TIME !!!!

I am close to sending the bill for this one.....................   GET READY 

With over 500 welds - Mig welding was the only choice
Quick and clean

Here is where it will hang
All the stuff in the center is gone now, just a big open room

Some times when you are short you use a booster seat
The biggest and most used book in the shop