Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a teaser.......... for the kids

So you remember a while back, I made a post about some possible TV radness........

This is just a quick teaser edit from Matt Ducot to see how you like it..... The real deal is coming and its better...!!!!!!

Monkey Likes Shiny from Matt Ducot on Vimeo.

We filmed some at my shop and some at Creative Viewpoint Machinery  where I work in the mornings

Watch it a lot, because Sean at Soulcraft bicycles owes me .50 cents for every video hit because I am wearing his hat.......

Thursday, April 14, 2011

woops but hey, life is good......

Sometimes when you get thrown off your machine....
you dust yourself off and get back on....
you get thrown off your machine again.....
thats a fill in the blank for the readers
Nan at B Spoke Tailor in Oakland,CA hooked me up with some of the most rad cycling Knickers I have ever wore, and then..... I crashed my speed bike during the photoshoot, sorry Nan, you have any patches?

And if your asking - It was a parking garage - I didn't think I needed my leathers for the speed which got faster every time........ should have got the picture after the first few runs ......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

San Diego.... Party !!!!!!!

Well, looks like things are calming down after the custom bicycle show in San Diego. I would like to thank Brian Baylis for putting on another (  the third year ) kick ass show making me want to go back next year....

I keep under the radar most of the time and wander the shows without anyone knowing, so it was kinda weird having a booth and getting to meet everyone and see the response to my projects and my efforts. Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth and let me know how much they enjoy the blog, only makes me want to post more stuff and build more rad stuff... ( like I tell everyone sorry I can't post everything here - only about 10% of the stuff I build gets posted due to security reason)

So here was the run down

We left ASAP to get there by Thursday morning and made it at 2pm due to having to stop by Cranky's bike shop and also Golden Saddle in LA to drop off racks and pick up my Penny Farthing.
As soon as I got everything locked in at the show, I made some rounds and started picking on Soulcraft's Sean, Stevil and Mo.  I was off to LA to party and for a business meeting with a big bicycle company.

Running on no sleep for days, I made it back to San Diego for a solid day of tradeshowing on Friday.

the penny, gravity bike, the beach cruzer and the guard dog Poe
on set up day which was already busy at the booth
Had lunch later in the day with writer Patrick from Red Kite Prayer and the crew, good times...

Friday night Jim decided to pass out at my booth

Ok, Peter at Cane Creek, I think that counts at a logo hit on my blog..... Pay up!

Saturday started strong with a race between Soulcraft and Monkey Likes Shiny
the Wizard Staff comp.
You might need to look at this blog for the results...
thanks to Kyle from Tracko for the photo at a highlight in the day

Saturday night was off the hook with the alway super rad party at velo cult bike shop
followed by Paul from Paul and I shutting down the bar. After splitting off from everyone and riding for a while I found myself here......
with a beach cruzer chained to my leg...... I guess when your drunk you go to the thing you love!
I think we need to look at all the +s here
1. I was eating donuts at 4 AM
2. I was eating hotdogs at 4 AM
3. I made Paul buy me drinks all night
4. I had a bike chained to my leg
5. I woke up later to find a bike still chained to my leg
6. I kinda made it to the show on time the next day

Sunday - well, I crashed the speed bike twice during photoshoots and my leg looks like well I am sure you get the idea. I am sure its only a matter of time before you see some high side crash photos of me.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Late night ........

Dear Kyle,

Why am I making bike racks all thru the night? I am tired, but I know I told you they would be there for the grand opening of Golden Saddle Cyclery.

Lucky man.....

Thats only a few of the wheel trays on the floor.

Cane Creek sent over some wheels for the Top Speed Project!!!! ( just a teaser for you kids )

Side profile



The neat design with these racks is based on how many bikes you have in stock, you will always have an appearence of a full showroom, the more bicycles you have in stock the more they can be straight out, the less bikes on the rack the more angle to fill in the gaps.
My first design when I designed Jims racks for Cranky's bikes, was to link all of the racks together and put them on a slow under-driven gear motor that was on a timer, so as the day goes on the bikes angle, it would be a sneaky way to tell the time for shop and sales workers or just always keep your bike shop changing in looks. I never forgot the idea, I just put it on the back burner.
A quick sketch looking overhead on what the racks might do as the day goes on.
Never really seen anything like it - tell your friends and your mom you seen it first here @ MLS