Sunday, May 29, 2011

sorry - its top secret


Sorry for the long delay in blog posts - I don't think I have ever worked on so many big projects for so long, its killing me because I can't show anything.

One of the big projects I can tell you, is MLS is part of designing one of the next big things to happen in the video game world and damn right I am proud, so I will get to show everyone soon after the press release!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The pressure is on... ACTION !!!!!

The call came in Thrusday morning that I would be needed in Hollywood by 11 pm that night and I had a special job that needed a super quick turn around because of problems with filming. So I rolled up to Hollyweird with a stressed out crew looking at me wondering if it would all get done in time to set up and shoot on time.

The mission...

1. Complete 2 cockpit concept pilot seats for a futuristic space movie
2. Provide a less then 24 hour turn around for both seats
3. Design and develop a complete unique looking cockpit seat that films well with or without the pilot sitting in it.

Well, heres how we do it in H-Wood...

Blake was working on a Exile bike that weekend but needed to test out the race seats before they went under the bandsaw
So I rolled out a backbone out of 1.5 inch tubing then just got crazy with the mount tubes, not wasting anytime. I left the seat complete as a fixture for all the mounts, I cut it up later.
Ok now you get the idea, with such a time crunch, it was decided to just cut up the seat and make it look futuristic using the auto parts stores 46 dollar plastic seats. You can see the uncut seat and an almost done seat.
well there is a quick sneak preview of them, the bases get bolted in to the floor and are not seen on camera. Not bad for an under a day turn around for some wacky space seats, hope NASA doesn't copy them...