Friday, July 25, 2014

Road Trippin with the 3Drv crew....

The last year has been epic and I am finally starting to feel like the San Francisco bay area is where I belong...

Between building crazy inventions for Google to the small inventors that cover this area, its the perfect place for me to not worry about my looks, what I drive and all the other bs and focus on my work, inventing, teaching and staying happy.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a stopping point on a road tour traveling across the USA finding the top invators using 3D software to make reality happen. I felt extra cool knowing that they were making a stop at my shop after they made a shop at NASA Ames....

TJ McCue,his wife and Son have been traveling the USA in a sweet Jayco Rv all custom decaled up with cool logos and stuff and all kinds of crazy tools inside like Faro scanners to document the trip in words and 3d images.
The main reason they stopped at my shop was to talk about how I make stuff and the process of turning my brain loose on crazy wild concept projects.
As some of you have met me and some just notice from reading the blog... I love to talk and especially talk about my passion which is metal working and designing, so what better person to describe my passion for metal working to then an acclaimed tech writer from Forbes Magazine who is in my shop and all ears about what and how I make it happen !
To add to the cool part of them stopping by, I use almost every product that they were sponsored by...
From working with Autodesk Fusion and Inventor
Scanning and reverse engineering with Faro 3d scanning tools and arms
3D printing all the time on Stratasys at Autodesk Pier 9
to the hopped up Nividia 760 computer graphics card to run Autodesk Inventor
They have a pretty good line up of sponsors to really make it happen in the 3d and prototype world
The day showed up on May 2nd for the RV to pull in to the MLS skunkworks shop....
But guess what...
You can't find the skunkworks shop...
Its a secret so they got lost and that's just the way we like it.
After about 5 minutes on the phone about how to get here they finally arrived.
I was having fun talking with TJ's 11 year old son about stuff that I build and the coolest part is he is documenting the trip as well and you can check it out here Mini 3Drv tour
That's Josh and myself with some of the MLS concept bikes

TJ documented with photos, video and writing as we toured my shop. I don't really want to tell you much about it because I think he does a good job telling about it so just check this out.

here is the link to the article TJ wrote -
           A stop at the MLS workshop with the 3Drv crew

cool clip about sheet metal

clip about some of the machines in the shop

It was neat to see that the RV was near my home town of New Ulm,MN when the article was published about my shop in Oakland,CA ... destiny
 Enjoy the article
thanks again to all the people that made this trip happen its
Awesome to see how amazing the USA and its people are !!!