Monday, February 21, 2011

A day at the circus ........

A while back while doing Nitro Circus for MTV, the location for the shoot was a old circus way out in the desert far from LA.
Really kinda weird and odd feeling because of how run down it was, but either way, made the most of it and did a rad shoot with my Penny Farthing I built about a year ago.

Peter at Cane Creek and Avid threw it down for this one.....
I didn't have the chains on it cause I didn't want Travis P to ride it and crash it before interbike.

this was a picture from an art show and it shows the chain drive better
The wheel is so big it needs split drives, unless your 8 feet tall your inseam is to small....
Now its on display at Jims Shop "Cranky's" in Santa Barbara,CA

Monday, February 14, 2011

T-shirt and Stickers are on the way!!!

So this is only the pre-order because I was so stoked about shirts I had to offer it ASAP

Here is the front logo
They look sooooo RAD!!

Just like Henry Ford put it best

" You can have it in any color you want as long as its BLACK ! "


All shirts will be offered in small thru XL and only in black
Shipping to an overseas address will be a bit higher, about 15 US dollars total if I can get them to fit in the box right.

This is a presale so orders won't go out until the shirts come in about 2 weeks, I was just to excited to wait.

All proceeds go to keep the sparks flying.....................

Monday, February 7, 2011

You ready?

Monkey Likes Shiny is up to something.........................

Schwinn did it....................

The welder is warming up, its 2011, time for something no one has ever seen, Cane Creek and my brother Jason are on board -

Are You? ...................

Schwinn's 1940s try at it.......

Who will be the ironman to ride it, ha ha, it could be you, if your that brave!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks Don

Well.....  After being turned down to attend the Handbuilt Bicycle Show, I got really upset and really started hammering in the shop on a few concepts to show everyone what time it is, but maybe it was a blessing because it turns out that because I didn't have to rush thru the next few concept prototypes I was building for the release at the show, -  I put my attention else where... Thanks Don for not letting me attend the show, because of not being able to go I now have close to what I want for a dream workshop located in Emeryville, CA.

The secret skunkworks operation will be housed in a unknown location hidden in the busy streets of the East Bay in the city of Emeryville, which is also home to companies like Pixar and various other "think tank companies".

I will eat, sleep and do what I love to do BUILD !

Let me give you a tour of the first few days of work.... Come along for a tour of the shop.... maybe the house next week..... 5,000 sq ft and counting......... !!!!!   So pumped to start building...

Mr. Poe - Guard Dog !
Size isn't everything

The design room
This will be the home of drawing tables and my office
Super rad sky lights and a stripper pole behind the red beam

Louise decided my assembly shop needed a little fun on the wall
about 6 hours in that, wish I was that quick. Laurel did the tree on the otherside of the door.

Here is a different view of the assembly shop
each room is a hair over 40 feet long and about 15 feet to 35 feet wide
this room is getting painted white - we call this room Hell cause its so dark right now
My pride is this little 2 level shop  in the back corner of the building with skylights.
This is going to be the machine shop, it will be filled with the Bridgeport mills and lathes, all of which are waiting to get in this week ....... Just bought some of the machines from the Rolls Royce Prototype Jet shop

Thats about 2,000 sq feet of tour - just think we got another 3,000 to go for next time ! .