Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Instructables ..... HOW TO.... Do WHAT?

About a month ago I was selected to be a sponsored monkey for Instructables, the online " How To - Show and Tell " website where people can add their own How Tos  on to a large data base of crazy projects for others to enjoy and build from.

If you havn't went to the website, I encourage you to take a look ...

The program I am getting involved with is called the AIR program or Artist in Residence .... Which because I am not a Artist, I have changed the name to MIR, way more space age sounding and stands for Machinist in Residence.

So either way I am taking my MIR timeslot in the amazing shop to write some really cool How Tos and also just classic Tips and Trick for the shop.

Here is one of my Instructables I have make so far, take a look around the site and see all the other cool things people are building. Just do a random search for something and see what turns up, some really good food stuff on there and always really neat contests going on.

How to bend thin tubing - this is one of my first Instructables that really has taken off, I really watched the search hits on the MLS blog and seen what people were always coming to my blog to check out so I figured I would write an Instructable on it and it happened to make the home page as a featured article.

Some days I feel more like a photographer and writer then a fabricator...
Gabe gets to have all the fun these days....

Expect some really cool projects coming up from me... I am building them now.... So warm up the welding torch I will be posting them little by little so add me to your Instructable follow list!

And if you think you got what it takes to make it to the next level of building and want instructables to help you fund building the madness... Check out the page here to apply for the MIR ( AIR ) program and maybe you can come join me and the rest of the monkeys building away in a mind blowing shop in San Francisco.

Instructables AIR details


Monday, April 14, 2014

MLS in the news

A few months ago I teamed up with Bill working on that custom prosthetic leg and Autodesk was pretty stoked about us using new software they have out so they did a write up on the project. Check it out.

Autodesk - In the fold - Newsletter


This talks about the new Autodesk Fusion I am using - pretty rad.... Plus if your not making money using it and want it for personal projects... IT FREE !!!!

Autodesk Fusion 360 download

On the right hand side you can see its free for Hobbyist