Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1935 Schwinn Built Delievery Bike - Chicago Tribune Special

So here is one of my newest pieces to my beloved Schwinn collection - a very RARE - 1935 Schwinn built Chicago Tribune Special.

Said to be a prize for the fastest Tribune delievery kids in Chicago ( old school messenger/delievery race ) - For some reason this is a girls bike, which makes it even more rare as I am told. Here is the Ad for the Schwinn model - Not the Rare Chicago Tribune Special model.

I wish I could find out more.............

Thanks to MOM for scooping this one up at a sale in Minnesota.


  1. I am not sure how this works. There is a bike purported to be a CTS, boys, on chicago craigslist right now. No idea on values, thought you might like it

  2. from googling around I see someone tried selling one early this year for $220, and this CL seller had the $750 one on ebay, didnt reach half of that....

  3. anibal.flores@exeloncorp.comMarch 21, 2012 at 12:19 PM

    i just recently found a men's chicago tribune special, a 1933 moto-bike, it has the badge in front to prove it, i would like more info on this masterpice

  4. I recently found this same girls chicago tribune specail at garage sale for 20 bucks ....it was pretty rough so I restored it....I am waiting for grips to get in then I will post pics.

  5. If your looking for the tires Coker had the correct red rubber tires as well, mine hangs in my weld shop from the beams and it's just one of those bikes it's neat to look at...

  6. Ok....thank you...I am a novice and not as advanced in collecting as you ...my restoring skills are very limited and bike did not come with fenders like yours....sinage,seat,wheels, handle bars, and vertical bars on front of bike all origanal....maybe back wheel bendix was swapped out not sure on timeline of wheel...anyway I will try to post pics if I can figure out....where do you add attachment for this post?