Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1960s Pabst Blue Ribbon Ironhead Dragster

Well this was one of my first Harley bikes that I did solo back when I was living back in Minnesota. The frame and everything I constructed, the rear fender was a old hot rod headlight and so on. The bike was almost done when I got an offer to move to California so in a rush, I slammed it out and loaded in the trailer with all the tools and belongings headed for California. The frame was the first time I had ever used rod ends for drop outs on the rear, kind of a pain in the ass to adjust but the look was great. If only this Ironhead Sportster was as quick as it looked it would have stayed in my garage, it ended up at a rich dude's garage in Hungary, I can just picture this bad boy cruzin the streets of Budapest.

I miss the danger this bike was to ride and how bad ass it was to cruz.

I got some videos I will post some day, but some pictures for today will work.

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