Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garage Sale, Heat, Coker Unicycle and frustration

Well, with all the fires and the hurricane's weird weather patterns the shop has been 100+ degrees, the shop is in an old brick warehouse which almost always keeps cool but these last few days have been been by far the worst for the heat. I wish I had AC !! On top of the heat, the tubing roller decided to break during the last part needed for the Unicycle frame, to just add to the frustration. Here is a picture of Dan Berlant and I, before the roller gave up.Deciding to leave the shop to beat the heat, Dan and I received a phone call from a friend that knew of a garage sale with a lot of old metal working tools. We rushed down there to find welding torches, welding tables, hammers, files, anvils, lights, wrenches, tons of steel tubing and so on. With 68 bucks in had, we walked or should be say drove away with so much stuff.... It was rad.
Check out the welding table, its going to be my new bicycle frame welding table as you can see my parts are already getting ready to be mounted.

Tubes to become the new Coker Concept Unicycle
The Penny is done being painted and most of the parts are ready for the Unicycle to be welded, so get ready...... Plus I have a personal project coming up with some crazy Mavic wheels, it will be a real head turner!!

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