Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Bicycle frame fixture

Well, time to build some thing cool that looks as good as it works, or well, I hope it works as well as it looks.

I decided to go with a free floating fixture for building frames because no frame I build is the same and an Anvil Welding fixture just limits you to a normal bicycle frame, and as we all know, it gets old after a while.

I don't do production runs but I wanted to build a frame table that was able to do production runs if need be, so making a fixture that doesn't need to be completely disassembled every time was key.

The fixture was all designed in Solidworks computer aid drawing program, as all my projects are drawn on Solidworks before they hit the workbench. This is a new idea to a lot of people, its crazy to draw something on the computer then build it, no guess work and fast build times!!

Here is a few pictures of the parts of the slide blocks for the bottom bracket, there is a titanium bottom bracket between the two cones. The fixture needs to seal as well to prevent gas loss, while the inside of the bike frame is filled with inert gas for welding.

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