Sunday, October 11, 2009

22 hours of fun

I found these pictures from about 6 months ago when I wanted to build an extended bike that was all electric. I received 8 of the crazy Heizmann electric hubs for projects and decided to use one on a bike to haul stuff. I received about 300 feet of Chromoly from Plymoth tube company a year or so ago. The tubing was all off cuts and such, mostly about 8 feet long. With all that 4130 tubing I decided to use some of it to build this machine. Check out the pictures below. The bike took about 22 hours to build including talking on the phone for hours, drinking beers, eating lunch and dinner, and the end project was a rad flat bed bike that could go about 40 mph with the pedal assist. I built it using all the stuff I had laying around and it worked really well. With batteries it was about 55 pounds and had a range of about 4 miles full electric @ 18 mph.

my temp fixture ready to start building

some of the tubes in

the battery box and tubes all in.
back view with a Schwinn super sport in the box

nice fork and brakes makes it complete

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