Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dream Bicycle

Well I got it - one of my dream bicycles. I really didn't expect the bike,all the info and contacts to fall in my lap like it did the other day.

Here I am with my Perma Grin :)

very rare - 1939 fillet brazed Schwinn NEW WORLD track frame

This rare bike was welded by the same crew that did the Paramounts at Arnold Schwinn's Chicago factory. The factory on Chicago's Westside had a small section attached to it called " The Handbuilt Shop" this is the home of the Paramount and New World frames and forks. The bike only was built for 2 years and not many were made. This is a very special frame due to the dropouts and a few other features. The New World was a easier frame to build and cheaper then the Paramount because it was not a lugged frame and at the time there was still no efficient way to carve lugs on a production scale. There is a possibility that the frame was welded by the great Oscar Wastyn in the hand built shop.

Basically - I love this frame

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