Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fare well Vegas!

Friday was a good day...

Got to the airport super early for my flight; In my wait I ran in to my buddy Keith Nelson from the band Buckcherry. He had the exact same flight time as me but headed to Chicago. So we both went for coffee at Starbucks for an hour to waste some time and catch up on what new.
Aboard the OLD silver bullet ( American Airlines ) I safely landed in Vegas 46 minutes later to a waiting $20 dollar taxi ride to the SEMA auto show only a few blocks from the airport.

I rolled up and cruzed the entire show, with it being the last day everyone is ready to go home and pack up promptly at 4pm when the show ends so you really need to make the rounds before 4pm.

I made an important stop at the Lincoln Electric booth to chat with Mickey Holmes the Motorsports director for Lincoln. To my surprise Wyatt Swaim ( the legendary Mister TIG ) was there doing some product demos and a few seminars to race teams. Note: This guy wrote the book on precision TIG welding starting back in the 1970s and has been an asset to Lincoln's TIG program ever since. I was pumped to meet him!

4pm hit and it was time to rock ! Paul, Joe and I rushed to work tearing down the Roland Sands Design booth, a whopping 120 x 30 foot booth in under an hour. Like normal we tore it down so fast the crews in charge of getting the trucks in and out for loading were not ready so we had to wait a few hours before we could get the trailers in to the loading area. 9 pm we finished up loading, pumped to get out of there and headed back to LA we noticed the lights not working on one of the trailers. So the drive back to LA would need to happen in the morning on Saturday.

A few hours later, Chad from METAL ASYLUM ( Phoenix, AZ ) the punk that does a bunch of my project paint work decided to take me out partying in Vegas.

Saturday sucked cause Friday was FUN....

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