Sunday, December 27, 2009

The handcycle is back for round 2

The hand cycle is back again, ready for some more goodies.

The project has been a creative one from the start...

A "handcycle" is almost always constructed with 3 wheels, because its main rider group are riders with no use of their legs or below waist effects.

 I have been very lucky to work with many riders over the last few years on handcycle projects, from the top racers in the Ironman in Hawaii to just people that want to take a fun ride down the boardwalk.

This project has been very special because the guy wanted to ride 2 wheels and break everyones doubts about riding a 2 wheeled bike by hand. So as I work on the project I like to post all the info I can, for anyone in the future that wants to make a dream a reality.

Check my older posts for more info if you are still scratching your head.......

The project at hand today is to - Design and fabricate an adjustable protestic leg holder on the bicycle.

The holder needs to be adjustable to find the correct fit and because the bicycle folds in the middle to ease in storage or shipping so the holders need to not block the folding action. It will all mount to the bottom bracket and become similar to 2 stems mounted to each side of a bottom brack spindle

I decided to mix it up today for all my homies out there and throw down some carbon fiber for this one!!!

Check It !!

I slid the bike on to the frame table to help my back out.

I took apart a sealed bottom bracket and machined the cups with the existing threads so I could put the mounting post off of it. I put down some classic bronze brazing to attach the threaded cups to the 4130 chromoly tubing post.

OK here is what you were waiting for.
The leg holders with some custom carbon fiber holders and 4130 rolled tubing for style points with the ladies.

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