Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Light is UP and looking good !!!!!!!!!!!

Its about time that we raise this beast up in to the air.......

Now you get an understanding on the size of it !!

Everyone thought it was just a little light, well now I could get some pictures to show the real size of it.

500+ welds,
1000 ft of steel,
50+ yards of fabric

With only 2 guys it was put up in the air, see building bicycles helps you think of how to make things strong and light, I think?

Side view with a 10 foot lader standing next to it.

I had tig weld the joints and bracing

My helper for the day

The first view when entering
to bad that beam is there

It has taken over a week to lay all the tile
because of the how complex it is ( no straight lines )

I welded up the frame for the bar back filled with mirror all over the place

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