Friday, December 4, 2009


So I was looking for a note book to draw some pictures in and I found this old one with a funny picture, my brother and I just talked about this machine the other day too, how crazy....

It may not look like much but it was a design my brother came up with about 6 years ago or so for a machine that uses hydraulic rams to simulate the stresses a motorcycle will see when its riding or hits something.

I wish I had pictures of the machine that we built off of this sketch, it was so crazy to see in person. We built it for an OEM motorcycle company to test their prototype frames.

Built on a giant Steel I-Beam the fixtures could slide back and forth on the beam to change for different frames and designs. With 2 hydraulic rams on the front end the frame could simulate hitting something or landing a wheelie or really anything you ever dreamed of, all you needed to know was the weight of bike and speed of impact and you could load it; plus you could hold the pressure there so you could measure any part of the frame stress amount.

Once the machine was done it was deemed "secret" and not allowed to be shown in front of tours or high ups, well that worked for a while until one day..... We were all running the machine with a special made frame loaded up on it, we were running a test to show what would happen if the motorcycle hit a curb at 40 mph. No one was paying attention the door to the research room only to the machine moving the frame like Playdo, Next thing a tour of investors came in to the R&D room to the concept frame being moved like rubber with no great forces on the stress machine. The s#!t hit the fan and the machine was shut down forever. TRUTH HURTS !!

Its funny cause my brother and I built it to show how bad of a design the frame concept was. We both knew from the start it was a bad designed frame but it was even more sad that we spent a good chunk of money and time to build something just to prove we were correct.

" The Machine from Hell " was so powerful it could rip the front end completely off a motorcycle if you wanted to!

Its funny how people run from the truth when its right in front, even if its moving like Playdo!

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