Sunday, January 17, 2010

The New York 400 in Downtown LA?

Brie and I were at the New York 400 Indy car race downtown last night

 Well, it was just a movie set for the TV show CSI New York but kinda cool set up, it was a complete race track for a pretend Indy race in the city, called the NEW YORK 400.

We were just checking it out and saying hi to the crew, I really was in to the race cars. They were Suzuki GSXR1000 sport bike motors in the little race cars. It would be so much to get to rip these bad boys on the track.

In the video the red car is hooked to the crazy fiming SUV and then there is a black race car that is driving under its own power,  then the Honda CB1000 motorcycle with the custom side car had a camera guy on it for side shots. Its crazy how much work goes in to a 20 minute show, I bet they will only use about 15 seconds of this 18 hour day of filming.

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