Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SPEED DOWNHILL - Forking good time

For some reason, I really wanted to build a supension fork for the downhill speed bike. I could have done a rigid fork and called it a day but why, thats the easy way out. Or just gone on ebay and bought a Cannondale Lefty fork.

 I like making my life hard.

Here is what I have and made so far. It is going to use the Cannondale Lefty wheels both front and rear but not on the left side but on the right side, so lets call it a Righty.

Ok check it, some red triple clamps from a Rock Shox Boxxer fork
Some Bronze bushings I made on the lathe
A slider tube and a outside tube and an axle

Here is the little offset axle for the lefty wheel
I made it a 2 piece part to save time because I don't get paid working on my own stuff I found out
The axle needs to be offset to a leading axle on the fork to make the bicycle turn and control correctly

Heres a better picture of all the little parts I made.

Ok, here is the axle and all the goodies welded up, you will see whats next.

No downhill speed bike would be complete without a little HD camcorder
I made all of the parts removable so you don't have to leave it on the fork if you don't want it

Here is a good picture of the one sided wheel with all the stuff mounted.
I am stoked to use the little HD camcorder with the SD memory card because when I crash up in the canyons, I don't think it will damage the memory card so I should be able to post video from my hospital bed.


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