Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I got a few questions about why I took a few day for me to post some stuff up.

Other then a crazy Asian women looking me in the eyes and telling me she will sue me if I build anything for her husband.

Long story short, I started building this quick golf bag rack for this bike, the guy said "my wife doesn't like when I drive to and from the golf coarse" ( I assumed that he drinks a lot and maybe got in some trouble from a prior trip home from golfing ).

It was going to be a quick build with a mounting pad behind the rear wheel for the bag and a holder off of the seat post, then connect them on the non drive side to make it strong.  Quick job and some quick money to pay for my college classes.

The lady flipped out on me downtown in front of my favorite place to eat for starters, then when I handed my business card to the man and told him we should talk about this later when he has a moment because I was pretending to be rush back to the restraunt, she proceeded in grabbing my business card from his hand and said I will need this, for your information when you get the rack done and I am ready to sue you.

I bet I heard the word SUE about 10 times in the 5 minutes we met, In the end the bike was pushed off a cliff and landed back in his garage where it started and forgot about it.

This morning was another great adventure - I took apart Brie's Honda Scooter 2 times, complete body removal, carb rebuild, fuel flush and cleaning, Not once but twice to find the reason the bike wouldn't start.  The answer - a 10 cent check valve inside the chassis that stops fuel from going backwards if the pumps not running. I cleaned it out and now it runs like a champ. A lot of work for nothing.

I made most of the rear end for Jeff's bike, I think ?  I have made the rear end parts about 5 times now all different, I just want it to look and work great. Check it out - Stainless Steel

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