Saturday, March 6, 2010

Déjà vu of the good old days

With school everyday but Friday, I was looking to fill that Friday up and make some extra cash. Long story short I recieved a call from Russell Mitchell of Exile Cycles asking if I would help them fill some orders and speed up the fabrication/welding because they were running behind.

Exile cycles is a motorcycle company based out of North Hollywood, CA and their main products are custom motorcycles following their strict guide lines and their very refined products used for stock Harleys and custom motorcycles. Parts include gas tanks, frames, wheels, forks, ect. and they ship about half the orders world wide.

I worked for Exile cycles about 4 years ago doing the fabrication and welding plus the Discovery Channel TV shows. It feels so weird going back there and working because it been so long since I worked there. The past few Fridays now I have been making gas tanks and welding stuff. Once you start doing it again it all comes back and you remember those little trick of the trade, its even neat to see some of my old inventions and tools still around hard tasks a little simpler. I even got to meet Josh the lead singer from the band Queens of the Stone Age and at the end of the day I got paid !

Exile cycles

This is a gas tank I have been building

Russell didn't want to be seen on this bike

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