Monday, April 12, 2010

Cranky's Bike Shop Bicycle racks - DONE


This weekend was action packed.......

I finished up the racks with my helper at like midnight on Saturday and with some kind of urge of excitement and energy to see them on the wall and make sure Jim could get his shop ready for the grand opening.

I decided to leave LA and drive up to Santa Barbra at midnight Saturday with Brie and drop off the racks and then drive back to LA that night, then take a shower and head for San Diego for a meeting Sunday morning with Cane Creek at the Hand built bicycle show.

So with a full truck load of racks, 50 total.  We got to Jim's shop and started to set up. Jim had put up all the brackets on the wall during last week so everything was ready to go once we got there. If you look back a few post you will see the basic design  of the racks.

All the racks can be linked like blinds over windows so they can all move together with one lever 
and change angles, or they can be changed in angles one by one.

Sunday morning came quick and I was really tired from the 250 miles I drove sleepless to Santa Barbra.
With my super high quality Iphone camera I snapped some quick shots at the show, but I think you should check out 
Jeff Thrasher's Blog about the show and read more info about the show.

I also met up with Cane Creek for a while and talked to Peter about all the new things and some secret projects coming out of my shop. Its really rad to see Cane Creek at a show like that because they don't make any money going there, but it really shows the support for the frame builders and lets them know that Cane Creek supports everyone with the same attention to details - doesn't matter if you are the first time builder buying one headset or if your Trek buying millions of headsets.

 I didn't see any other big players in the bicycle industry there.

Erik of Peacock Groove wasn't there but had a few bikes on display.
This was a little road bike that he built for a customer - THIS THING IS MINI 

Jeff Thrasher and his crew invited me to go to the bar and watch the Paris road race on TV.
While I was at the bar I noticed they had some beer cans on the wall from my home town
Schell's Beer - New Ulm, MN 
It made my day :)

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