Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coker Big One Cargo bike project

Well, a while back COKER cycles sent me a wheel to build something with to get people pumped about the 36. I toyed around with a few designs and just was having a hard time making something that struck me as a good fit for the monster wheel.

 I decided to try the 36 inch wheel with an electric hub that was sent to me for the rear of the cargo bike I am building. It will have a 26 mtb front wheel with a giant flat bed rack over the front wheel and the rear will have the 36 inch wheel with giant aluminum pannier bags to cover the largeness of the wheel.

It should look like if a Schwinn Cycletruck met a old tired Touring bike in a dirty alley, this is what the child may look like.

This will be, I hope at the handbuilt show in Feb. all done up with hot paint and fancy parts.



it might look something like this

Guess you will just have to wait and see what happens

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