Friday, April 1, 2011

Late night ........

Dear Kyle,

Why am I making bike racks all thru the night? I am tired, but I know I told you they would be there for the grand opening of Golden Saddle Cyclery.

Lucky man.....

Thats only a few of the wheel trays on the floor.

Cane Creek sent over some wheels for the Top Speed Project!!!! ( just a teaser for you kids )

Side profile



The neat design with these racks is based on how many bikes you have in stock, you will always have an appearence of a full showroom, the more bicycles you have in stock the more they can be straight out, the less bikes on the rack the more angle to fill in the gaps.
My first design when I designed Jims racks for Cranky's bikes, was to link all of the racks together and put them on a slow under-driven gear motor that was on a timer, so as the day goes on the bikes angle, it would be a sneaky way to tell the time for shop and sales workers or just always keep your bike shop changing in looks. I never forgot the idea, I just put it on the back burner.
A quick sketch looking overhead on what the racks might do as the day goes on.
Never really seen anything like it - tell your friends and your mom you seen it first here @ MLS

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