Friday, June 24, 2011

Flux Foundation - Oakland,CA

I have found true radness in Oakland

A group of women and men that are motivated to build, build and build crazy things.

The list of crazy builds goes on and on, but here is the last one they let me run the torch on.

The non-profit group is called The Flux Foundation , known for their crazy BurningMan projects.  Check this site !

The project -

Called Brollyflock

BrollyFlock, a renegade flock of umbrellas, creates a fun and inviting installation, producing light, shade, mist and fire. It is a dancing swirl of mixed materials, anchored by over-sized handles to a wide base. The lowest umbrellas feature periodic misting systems, while the highest hold beautiful flame effects. By day the BrollyFlock is a refreshing landmark, by night its internal glow and fiery top enliven its surroundings. - posted from Flux Foundation

As you can see by the person at the bottom - its massive

Jen and I near the middle where everything meets up
Laying some Dual Shield Mig beads on the main tubes.
The only place to build something this big is a giant old steel mill in Oakland

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