Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faucet Flower Vase

Ok, I am sitting here and got an idea.

I know, I have an advantage with having a machine shop filled with weird stuff but I thought of a fun project to do quick, its great for anyone with any skill level to impress someone for the holidays coming up with a hand made piece.

Ready, start the timer!

Go to the junkyard or where ever to find a cool looking bath tub faucet and pull it all apart until its just the body. Also when your out looking for that perfect looking Brass faucet find some kind of tube ( I would recommend getting a plastic one so you can cut it )

I found this old chrome plated brass one so I gutted it
I also found this new test tube made of plastic. A small plastic drinking glass is an idea as well

Find a way ( hole saw, saw, ect. ) to cut a hole the size of the tube.
I have a milling machine but a hand drill would work as well with a hole saw 

Give it !!!!

I cut down the plastic test tube and dropped it in! 
Fits great!

Done - 15 minutes later !!!
I mounted a screw ( you decide how to mount it ) thru the plug pull hole

TIP - IF you find a brass one, sand or file off the chrome and under the chrome will be a beautiful raw brass body that will have a great GOLD glow !!

MLS works 365 days a year for the love of metal crafting... 
Enjoy the fruits 

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