Thursday, December 22, 2011

Discovery Channel

In the good old days, some years back I was on a few Discovery Channel shows.

I happened to run across this one tonight while surfin the web.

Blake and Jake are in there too, Blake and I were both new to California while filming this...

Had to capture the screen shot for the blog, a must have.
Clean cut back in those days

Imagine being a kid taken from your cold Minnesota home and thrown in front of a TV film crew in warm & sunny Southern California a week later and told to not get in to trouble.....

Yeah right, it was only the start of the fun for years to come....

Its a long show but you can fast forward thru that dude Billy... ha ha 

There is the complete bike with those pipes I am still proud of.
Dylan and I did them in like 4 hours because it was a rush

Maybe someday I will dig up some of the other TV shows and post them..


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  1. It would by nice to see more video of your work!