Sunday, January 1, 2012

#1 and Proud

Today I got the news that my bike make it as #1 Bicycle of 2011 according to CycleExif as the most popular bike on their site.

Top Ten Bicycles of 2011

Super Proud - a great way to start off the new year !

Special thanks goes to Kyle of trackosaurusrex for taking some amazing photos and enjoying a day of ripping this thing down the hills in LA and not crashing it ( thats my job ).

Some extra photos Kyle took on his Flickr of the Gravity bike.

And a big thanks to the crew at CycleExif, Tracko, Prolly and everyone else for putting it all together over the last year and making it amazing !

Happy New Year to everyone and keep those hands building !

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  1. Hell yeah man, that is by far the most unique bike I've even seen.