Friday, January 27, 2012

BINGO was his name O

Or something like that.....

Yesterday Sal ( the owner of Actual Caf'e ) appeared at my shop door with a bingo ball roller in hand....

 Note : If your from Oakland or the bay area you might have heard of Actual Cafe, its really cool and very bicycle related cafe, I mean you ride right inside of the cafe and hang your bike up next to a lady drinking coffee reading a book most of the time, its really a great place. Most of the time MLS concept projects can be seen hanging from the ceiling around the cafe, such as the gravity bike.

" We are pressed for time and the event is Thursday, do you think you can build something to rotate these bingo balls that is bicycle related? " Sal told me.

So tonight I figured I better just get it done. With the help of Matt Ducot ( the dude that does a lot of the movies on my blog ) and a few DAD's root beers we were able to hammer this bad boy out from design to finished in a total of 4 hours.

Not bad, for a Thursday night hammer secession or should we call it Friday morning... Thursday night build sounds more dramatic and badass.

Lets see how we did it.

If you read my blog you know I am a big Schwinn collector
So I pulled this one down which was on display, from the ceiling above my welding table
A good old 1960s Schwinn American 24" Boys

I had a plan...
Thats a kids 16" steel rim, tacked to the side of the ball hopper

Now the rear track stand was built and a custom piece to replace the rear freewheel on the bike with no teeth, the chain just slides where the freewheel should be. 
Matt thinking hes training while drinking
There is NO product placement in this photo.... Sponsors always welcomed !
How about a side profile, sorry I built faster then we could take photos.

There she is.... 
Ready for action at Actual Cafe's Non-Profit fund raising events

Matt wanted to show you how it works.
Sounds like an old tractor!

Want to know more about the event in Oakland at Actual Cafe.

Come out and support some good bicycle related causes!!!!

 See you there !

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