Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happiness comes in all forms....

Anyone that knows me, knows my brain can work in odd ways and thinks outside of the box. Sometimes my brain runs wild and I get so trigger happy, my hands try to keep up with my brain, but as we all know thats not possible to keep up with the brain...

When you meet someone that feels the same way and runs on the same wave length, its something that catches you off guard and everything stops for a second to ponder how and why?

For the last 5 years theres been a pretty girl that for some reason runs on a similar wave as me and its always thrown me for a twist.

Back years ago when MLS was just getting the wheels moving for the first time in downtown Los Angeles, this girl lived next to me and we shared a wall between my machine shop and her workshop.

This proved to be a huge distraction for me, as she always seemed to be doing something or building something cooler then I was, so it proved to be be one of my biggest distractions but biggest loves. When the s#!t hit the fan at our crazy art compound in downtown LA. The whole crew like Goose, Dan, Sarah, Brie and everyone else was forced to split up, it truly was a sad day. Yes, the building was a complete S#!t box and over priced with a super shady landlord but it was all of us friends together in a amazing time, mindset and place in the ghetto of South Central LA.

I still miss that place ( maybe not the place ) but really times spent there.

Things have changed but what I do hasn't, and thats truely why I get out of bed every morning - to work with my hands and my mind.

Everyday has a different feeling and passion, from the little projects like an quick concept project for a science museum to have kids fill sand in to a plastic tube, to crazy projects like making parts for USA Government Laboritories where something I crafted could change history and science for ever, down to the basics like making a basic coat rack so I have somewhere to hang my apron at the end of the day.

My brain moves thru my hands - and I am in love with every second of it.

Ok, enough is enough, back to the topic about building stuff

Sarah, the girl that lived next door to me, is an amazing photographer that has traveled the world and enjoyed every second of it with a smile... That alone is rad, but it is her work that twist my brain and keeps me asking for more. When she lived next door, I had to be involved in her prop building because building stuff by the book is fun but what if you don't have a limit to how weird and how twisted you can make something. Thats when the fun starts....

Movie and Photo Prop building is one of my greatest hobbies because I can throw the blueprints out the door and let the brain run wild !

Now you combine that with another person thats on the same wave with the same motives but a different skill set and you have a run away train with two locomotives wide open until who know what happens...

But it is truly one of my most enjoyed times in my life, just sitting around thinking, laughing and building stuff with Sarah. I got to enjoy a weekend of building props when I visited her this last weekend and she put me to work in her workshop building props for a shoot with a band called Little Red Lung plus just having fun in the redwood forest for some "on the fly" random shoots.

This was the final out come of Sarah and I making stuff for the band Little Red Lung this weekend
The band seemed stoked... and so were we !
We couldn't go to crazy that you couldn't recognize them, think we got just the limit.

We made some crazy neck piece, using parts from my Espresso machine I am building and wood hands.
I love these behind the scene photos 
Yep thats me, doing a light test before the band showed up to test the look and light.
Sunday in the morning, we decided to have some fun of our own

Lead Grip ( me ) on set getting things ready.

Bird on a wire.... 
Crazy forest woman 


The magic !

In the end, I even got a kiss in, for a Hallmark style photo
A solid weekend !

So that sums up the weekend of making stuff with Sarah 

Heres some old photos of years back. I got to be part of...

Dan and I built this thing over a few beers and a evening of board-em 
We made it dispense beer can in the seat tube like a PEZ dispenser 

TV man entering the room 

Art and I had to have some fun across the street from the old shop in LA before he took off for the NAVY.  

I will leave you with this photo. 
Just something I made for a shoot... 

Need more....
Sarah Sitkin - Website  or  Flickr
Trust me you won't be let down...

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