Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last day at the day job

The last 2 years I have been up here in the San Francisco bay area I have been under contract from a company called Creative Viewpoint Machinery and the jobs have been amazing.

Its a really cool company of about 12 of the most efficient fabricators and crafters working on projects for Clorox's Research and development, Medical companies and Government labs.

Where else do you get to make crazy AIDs research projects, Xray machine prototypes, concept machines to test water around the world, concept machines for making the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and just straight inventing cool things, Its been a good time.

MLS has become so busy over the last year doing prototype work, that the time came to tell the boss it was time to roll solo again.

2 years of service completed at 100% of my skill level - Mission Complete

The project that I worked on when I was hired almost 2 years ago, was the project I modified on my last day.... How weird is that? feels like 2 years didn't even exist that day.

Found my old blog post of when I moved up here with Brie 2 years ago - kinda funny to have the blog for this reason, its my jornal.

MLS 2 years ago moving to San Francisco under contract to party and build stuff

Made in the USA with Pride !

Purge welding set up for doing threaded connectors with a .005 tolerance over all 

Still Got It!
Can't break that edge!
Proud to say I am a D17.1 Aerospace welder 

If your a craftsman, mechanic or what ever then you know this picture well.
Its the classic last day line up....
Truck - Tool box - and the Forklift 

Stay tuned to MLS we have some really exciting stuff happening.

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