Sunday, March 4, 2012

DI ACRO !!!!!!!!


Between everyone buying a ton of T-shirts and getting a huge robotic concept project the other day,  I had to hand over the cash and add to the fun at MLS....

I have dreamed of having a Di Acro press brake for about 4 years now, and with new crazy jobs coming in, I got a random phone call asking if I was still looking for a press brake.

" there is an aerospace company not far from your shop looking to get out of sheet metal and they have your machine fully tooled and ready, your the right person for the machine, you deserve it, bring some money and we will make it right! "

I showed up a day later to take a tour of the company selling the machine, I needed to look it over and run the machine, it was in near perfect condition for a 1967 machine, my eyes were in disbelief, this was all my money I have been saving so it had to be perfect !!
Nate from All Power Labs came over to help unload

The old CalTrans GMC truck was the perfect truck use

Enjoy the post and Thanks to everyone for helping out who have bought shirts, and to those who are going to be buying T-shirts if you haven't already, theres still a lot of stuff to get for it before the magic starts.. Thanks to Kane Lynch and Matt Ducot for the photos, I was to excited to take photos.

The crazy MLS concept Titanium SheetMetal Fuel Cell Race bike is coming up and this little machine will be making it happen at the MLS skunkworks.


                   1958                                                    2012

                         I will give you a quick test drive
I had to make a quick video of the machine because I was so excited.
I will teach you to run it in posts down the road but for now, I will just show you the 18 tons of Hydra-Mechanical power built in good old Minnesota.

Each T-shirt has a small machine or tool on the arm sleeve indicating where the profits from the T-shirts sales went to, this shirt I am holding was part of making the Di Acro Press Brake happen this last week. 


If your ordering from overseas extra shipping will be required.

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