Sunday, March 25, 2012

SPD of fun

Matt Ducot the master behind the camera came to me and asked me...

" think you can help me make a camera mount that mounts to a pedal for a shoe company I am working with"

The shoe company DZR shoes based out San Francisco was working with Matt on a project and so he needed a cool way to make some custom shots for their shoe lines.

The idea was simple and the mount I designed had to work for all kinds of angles to get the shoe shot from the front, side, rear and angle its designed to do it all, all you need is to move the SPD mount.

45 minutes later we had a custom 4130 chromoly camera mount ready for testing. With some prototype DZR shoes in hand we did a quick test shot....
here is the overall layout
What do you think?

I am stoked and a bit dizzy

Heres the video kids...

Enjoy and thanks to Matt for filming it


  1. Good work. The video kinda makes we want to vomit though. Feels like you are riding a bouncy scooter. I wonder if you made two of them and then did a split screen video if the vom-inducing effect would be balanced out.