Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sheet metal pleasing to the eye

Thru the grapevine I ran in to a dude named Ernest Doty, who asked a question about help working on sheet metal that would be used for canvases.

It was a style he had been doing for some time, really simple square " pans " as we call them in the sheet metal world, with welded corners and such.

His work is very On Point and I like the guy, so why not add some MLS flavor and make it even more rad and join in on the fun.

Since I started working with Ernest about 8 months ago, think I have done 40+ metal canvases ranging from 8 x 8 foot giants to little 3x3 inch babies.

So when the phone call came in for a custom giant canvas during the craziest time of the year for me, some major things got thrown off to the side in order to slide this one in to the work que.

This is still my favorite
A 18 gauge mild steel canvas beat to piss with dents and rust all over it.
All the work he does has hidden messages in it 

Ernest always wanted to be a leg model so heres his chance....
Thats 2 giant sheets of 20g mild steel 

After some cutting and bending we came up with 2 - 4x4 foot
2 - 3x3 and some little 1x1 foot panels, all with different depths on the return to give the canvases an uneven surface, each canvas is about 1/2 inch different in hight from each other.

I was at my laser cutter Seaport Stainless and spotted some
little letters left in the bed of the laser cutter 

So I welded them on....

with grinding under them.

One week later - So rad
That man can do some crazy detailed work in a short period of time.
This was just one of the pieces he finished that week.
The over all is about 11 feet wide by 7 feet 
but can break down and nest in to a 4x4 foot box if you want to buy this piece from him, he can ship it to your door.
Also look for the hidden laser cut letters all over the canvas - the extra touch....

As a tip, I was given a big 18 gauge 4x4 foot piece...
So stoked to hang it in my shop.
So stoked

Each month I make a ton of these little 1 foot by 8 inch pieces for him.
He has so many cool little ones, check out his site or hit him up if your interested.

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