Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The old shop runner

When my brother and I were back in Minnesota, we wanted to build up a rad machine with no money and get some press for our company Metal Morphosis.

I found this crazy deal on a parted out 1969 Harley Sportster located in St. Louis...

The problem ended up being the thing had been almost blown to pieces but some dude riding the hell out of it maybe without oil or something and it needed some major work....

We decided it would be a full build from top to bottom and start over with some classic Harley XR flattrack flare but do it all in under one month...

The word had come in that we would be moving to California, and that I had to be there ASAP to film Discovery Channel about 2 weeks after buying the machine so the pressure was very high to get it done and get it done quick.

Once in California 2 or so weeks later, it became one of my daily riders for when I worked at Exile Cycles full time,  but proved to be nearly a death machine more then once with its single rear drum brake and its dirt tires on the slippery and fast moving streets of LA.

Heres the full article about the XR Harley project we did in such a short time.

Enjoy - I have been working on a crazy huge concept project for the U of Minnesota and will have pictures coming up in the week so stay tuned and let me get a break to do some typing.

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