Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its back....

Maybe about 5 years ago or something my brother Jason Tiedeken and I wanted to build something to race Roland Sands ( our boss at the time and super fast AMA 250cc national champ) and Rodney ( fabricator and designer at Roland Sands Design also fast 1000cc road racer) to a little inter-company race called the "Canyon Carver Challenge"

All the bikes must be 500cc and less and " MUST BE BUILT BY THE RACERS", anything goes just as long as it can race in the canyons and not crash, mostly because we need you to work because the company relies on everyone so heavely and we can't have you crashing.

So the race was on, Roland started by modifing a Buell Blast 500cc in to a custom little road racer....

There was one rule also .....

You were not able to work on it at work or by paid employees not involved in the race... which for my brother, Rodney and I isn't even an option but Roland had the employees to do so, so we had to call him out a few times on that.

Rodney decieded his beast of furry would be a mid 1980s Honda XR500 which started to look cool and all super motoed out once he started chopping in to the frame.

I wish I had pictures of some of these old beasts.

My brother did the design of this creature and I helped team up on the build to fab and weld. The creature ended up being an odd ball due to its odd motor choice.

 It was a Honda cb360, these little motors have a good firing order and are very little compact twin side by side cylinder engines that just push enough power to get your fat girl riding the bike up to street speeds of 45mph and nothing more...

My brother Jasons design
The Canyon Carver Honda Turboed CB360
Back in the day when I worked at Edelbrock, I made these stainless turbo pipes on the Pines Mandrel bender. you can see the little 10mm turbo behind the motor kind of...

some of the detail on the front end and how the steering uses links

I like looking at my welding from years back and compairing it to my welding today
Still got it.

This is the side view of the where the center stand needs to go.

Jasons solidworks center stand down

and up

The front end needs to be a bit stiffer so I am going to make this front end support while its here at the skunkworks.

I will get in to more details about the bike in the future, but this week I have to hammer down and make the front end support and the trackstand before he arrives at my shop next week so I have to get to work....

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