Friday, August 17, 2012

The Rampage begins

So Monkey Likes Shiny has been selected to add to the madness that you will see out in the desert......

I am so STOKED!

The RedBull Rampage started in 2001, I remember that first event, I read about it in the magazines, on MTBR and PinkBike. I was blown away by how big those dudes are jumping, ever since that event I have watched it every year or read about it. Its to crazy not too...

This year the plans are NBC is going to cover the contest and step it up and broadcasting it on NBC to the rest of the nation and show them the radness from a little town in Utah.

So you think you are a good mountain biker....?   Well if you recieved one of the invites from RedBull for this event,  then yes you are!  The event is completely invite only!

So what is MLS doing for it.....?

Just going to have to wait a little bit to see....  Everyone is pumped already !

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