Thursday, October 4, 2012

Filming the trophie build

The last months have been complete madness.... I have pushed it harder the last months then I have ever pushed it in my life and for all good reasons...

One of the top of the list of crazy projects was to design and build trophies for RedBull's Rampage mountain bike event held every year in Utah.

If you know about the rampage, then you know its the event to win.

I was asked to tackle the design of the trophies with one goal in mind - make them super rad !

At first I came up with about 15 concept sketches and narrowed it down to some of the best ones, while I worked one night on the machines, my best friend Margaret Holland ( she has painted stuff in my shop before ) decieded to put some of my chicken stratch concepts in to a more presentable sketch ready to win over the kids at RedBull.

The final design just getting started....
Within an hour we were mostly complete on the design with some good concepts.
One of the first ideas was to make the spur into a belt buckle but that idea was thrown out for safety and other BS that it might bring on having a super sharp gear belt buckel.

With the help of my buddy Matt Carney on the Solidworks CAD program - we were able to design a cowboy boot made from layers of 1/4 inch plywood to make it look like the mountains in Utah.
My next plan, once I figured out the size and all the details of the boot was to come up with a rider jumping off the " Rock like wooden boot".
While I was designing and building the boot trophies, my buddy Jefferson Hower at RadioRobot in Oakland, was hammering out this crazy 3x5 foot sign for the finish line.
With the trophies and sign loaded up I headed out to Utah to drop off everything.
Theres no way I could drive thru California with out stopping by the air/spaceport in Mojave, CA to check on some of the rad stuff hidding in the field.'
Quick stop at AREA 51 to get yelled at ....
The finish line sign went up..... Everyone was stoked !!
Ready for Fridays events
We will just have to wait until this weekend ( Oct 7th ) to watch the Madness live on Redbull's site but until then watch the building of the trophies. Matt Ducot once again hammering out a rad video in record time for everyone to enjoy. 

Redbull Rampage Trophies from Matt Ducot on Vimeo.

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