Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dinner under the shuttle

Every once and a while I get to do something fun....

This was one of those things that I enjoyed. My buddy Art who worked with me for a while in my shop, got out of the Navy after 4 years and scored a cool job as a new prototyper at Applied Minds in LA, which is a super cool company that does just about everything.

They are a concept company with a lot of focus on Space due to some of the people involved in the company were either pilots on the shuttle or worked for Nasa. The team does all kinds of other cool stuff in the robotics and movie industry as well.

Artin has a good gig going and hopefully he can hold it down.

They threw a party and they did it big, Art ditched his date to take me with...

It was cool to hear the actual pilots of the shuttle we were looking at talk about it and all its weird things that made it a pain in the ass to fly.

Once I get some good photos with myself and the pilots I will post them up.

The beast - I LOVE NASA

The pilot spoke to the employees about the bad door that sometimes required extra love to close before take off.

The thing is kinda heavy and big so I could only hold the front.

Dinner under it make it hard to eat because I just looked up the whole time...
I have dreamed to be this close to it for so long that its crazy to get to see it now.
A few months back it flew past the Exploratorium Science museum where I work in San Francisco. Its such a big deal at the museum they shut down the museum to make sure everyone got to see it for its last flight, Science rocks!

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