Thursday, April 11, 2013

One week later we got some trophies

Just the other day I got a call from Red Bull's Central California guy Rico asking for some help quick on a throphy project.... Not a big budget and nothing super crazy but something fun.. and 3 of them...

Here it goes and really quick...

My buddy Paul Troutman and fellow fabricator was saying to me, you should make Red Bull snowglobes for this event.... so I am not going to lie.... I used his idea... with a week until they were due I didn't have much time to think about it and I really liked it anyways.

My first sketch was to mount the globe to a little plate with a mountain cut out.

So I ran one quick on the CNC plasma cutter without any fine details to see how it looked with the globes I had rushed over.
It looked good but after talking with my buddy Matt we both said the mountain needed to look like a mountain... So back to the computer...

I then did a more mountain design
I am good with Solidworks but theres little things I don't know like how to do Jpg to drawings and such and so I called in Matt Carney because he a machine on design programs and a hell of an engineer. He did a bunch of the tune ups on the bulls to make them ready for the laser cutter.
Ryan of Seaport Stainless in Richmond,CA does all my laser cutting
He really makes it happen for me when I get in the time binds.
Ryan and I dig thru the bottom of the laser to find some of the best things... like the cut outs of the bulls.
Back in my shop bending away on the DiAcro an hour later...
With the first one looking right on the money...
I decided to use a big 1/2 radius die to give it a nice smooth bend.

Next, I had a friend Kyle Fvk hammer out these rad little mountains with 2013 cut in the side of them.
The kid is a hell of a sculpter and has a blast doing it.
 Mocked up in a few days since the order came in from Red Bull
  I had to get the final go ahead from Red Bull.
All systems are a Go...
2 days until the event.

Loaded with snow, water, clear coated and bolted down, these little creations are ready for the slopes of Tahoe,CA
The event is really neat... Heres a video.


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