Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bringing the Monkeys to Uncle Toms...

If your not following Toms YouTube channel.... Do it now...

Tom Lipton's Ox Tool YouTube Channel

You will be come a better machinist, fabricator or engineer attending Uncle Tom's YouTube University classes !

His tips and trips are gold !

How do I know Tom Lipton?

I started working for a company a few years ago that was developed and started by Tom and another guy Bob Switek in the San Francisco bay area.

 The company was really started in the early 1990s after Bob the mechanical engineer teamed up with Tom to develop an R&D machinery company for various industries with most of it being in the vegetable industry.

Some of the wild machinery was patented as well, like a machine that cut broccoli, really a first of its kind in the broccoli production world, some of these machines still run and are being built today.

 The two teamed up and built a really neat prototype company called California Vegetable Machinery, CVM for short, later the name just became CVM as more of the R&D work went toward Clorox and the tech world, the vegetable part would take a back seat.

The company is still around today and doing very well, with a very skilled team. Tom happed to be offered a job by the USA Gov. R&D Labs located in Berkeley and decided to leave CMV, that's about when I got hired in 2010 or so, just missed working with Tom by a few months. ( I was at CVM for a bit over 2 years and learned so much, vital to what I do and how I do work today)

But it was pretty fresh scar that Tom had quit when I started at CVM, so I needed to meet this Tom guy, so I tracked him down and we have been buddies since then. Its cool, not a lot of really precision mined fabricators out there willing to bounce ideas off with the experience.

Tom makes visits to my shop all the time but every so often its good to pay him a visit and so the Monkeys ( Gabe and Austin ) from my shop and I happed to call him and see if he was up for some tool trading.

it was also cool to show them Toms shop and see what projects hes up too, heres the video below

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