Monday, August 10, 2009

Madness from the Grand Ave.

Well it seems like Rodney likes to give me a hard time about not updating my blog so here it goes..... My door is cracked open I can hear 2 cats fighting out side behind the fence with some crazy techno music playing in the background.
Up on the drawing table for the night and for you kids at home is the Jeff Tiedeken - Design your own bike connect the dots coloring book. This is the first of a series of drawings that will be coming at you for you and the kids to have fun on.

The model of the bicycle is off the Volume Cutter and so now you can connect the dots ( bottom brackets, headtube, dropouts, ect ) and build your own scaled 700c track frame for your fridge or girlfriend. Plus I put on some crazy Easton Carbon TKO track wheels on the drawing to really impress her!

All these crazy drawings are done on Solidworks and come from yours truly at the Skunkworks Complex deep in South Central Los Angeles. Check out the secret photos from the complex!

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