Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy for Interbike 2009

It is often assumed that if your blog is not up to date that you are just lazy........ Well I hope no one can say that about me. Between my phone ringing off the hook about bicycle projects and the chain gang work I do during the day at RSD, I have been far from lazy. I am going to do a few post on whats new including projects at work and projects at home.

First off - The last week I owe it to Dan Berlant for throwing it down and helping me dial everything in. Couldn't have done it with out you.

The Penny Farthing Bicycle made it was to Interbike Las Vegas Bicycle Show ( the world's largest bicycle dealer expo ) with a fresh paint job from Matt over at Colorzone in Huntington Beach. The pin striping turned out great, and the finish looks amazing. Thanks to everyone else that helped get the machine to the way it looks today. Sram, Velocity, Cane Creek, and so on......

Check out the photos from Interbike - Gary Fisher even dropped by for a quick chat about the penny.

Round Two - Bicycle stands ....... I don't really want to talk about them much other then being a pain in the ass...... They look cool and were all brazed together. A great little piece for the bikes at the Torelli Bicycle booth. Check'em on the back wheel of the bikes in both pictures -

Working on the Frame Table, Red Bull projects and Traveling are the rest but thats another post.....

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