Friday, November 20, 2009

HB Cruzer part 1


The project at hand today is to build my brother Jason, a cool beach cruzer or should we call it a " Beach Sleeper " ( it will look like a normal beach cruzer until the the race is on and it blows the doors off any one else out there)

The first thing was to ditch all the crap that comes on these piles.

Next thing was to adjust the rear end and shorten it a bit and make it 135mm rear spacing. I decided to use some Surly dropouts to support the crew back in Minneapolis, plus they work and weld really well.

                                    Part 1                                                                 
I laced up a single speed cassette rear hub with a disc brake up to a set of Velocity Deep V brown rims. The front is an Shimano XT disc hub with a matching Deep V rim. All strung together with some good old PHIL Wood spokes.

Part 2 will be making the bars and tuning up the front end. The idea is to make a rad basket and bar/stem combo for it.

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