Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Funday

Just trying to tie up all the odds and ends around the shop and finish up the Beach Cruzer for my brother today.

I also had to repair Jim from Orange 20 bikes 1969 Schwinn Orange Crate Sting Ray by rewelding on some brackets for the fender, that broke off who knows how long ago. I love those things, this one has a drum brake which was one of the more rare Schwinn Sting Rays of the day. As you can see it has the car style Hurst shifter on the top tube of the bike, later years never had that. Mostly due to kids crashing and getting their you know what slammed against the shifter.

The Beach cruzer is coming along and goes to powdercoat tomorrow so it needs to be done today. Just finishing up the disc brake mounts and then were done. The bars and rack will come later as they don't need to be coated at the same time.

I took a picture of the Bridgeport Milling Machine - Its rad and scary at the same time. It can make you a million dollars or hurt you just as fast.

I have heard this a bunch of times from people in the manufacturing world " IT IS ONE OF THE FEW MACHINES IN THE WORLD WITH THE ABLILITY TO MAKE ITSELF ". Thought that was kinda a cool line. This machine is from 1981 but it is very common to see machines still running as old as 1920 or so.

and last but not least is a picture of our new shop dogs. They are both brother but look nothing like each other. The white one is called Willis and the little guy is called Poe. They are protecting the shop now, not with fear more on the lines of killing with love cause they aren't very mean and kinda dumb, but really funny to hang out with. 3 months old and growing........

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